Are we loosing skills with globalization?

I read a few emails that pick snippets from the news, business magazines and such.  Today the following snippet caught my attention:

Century-old brand works to revitalize manufacturing industry J.W. Hulme, which makes luggage and handbags, was close to collapse in 2008. The brand managed to survive thanks to the intervention of an investor, but now it is struggling to find skilled employees to fill out its workforce. “When manufacturing started going to China, America stopped investing in training in trades, and we’re seeing the repercussions of that in U.S. factories who are trying to stay alive,” according to Jen Guarino, the brand’s CEO. For that reason, Guarino partnered with other businesses to launch The Maker’s Coalition, which is working to ensure there is an adequate supply of workers. Forbes (3/19)

I must say how sad it is that skills are being lost because of bottom line decisions that eliminate the work in our nation for cheap labor overseas. 

I often say to Steve that I think I was born for a different era where apprentices hone and mastered skills under the care and watch of masters, preserving firms of art, of craft that spoke of care, quality, and love put into every bit of the work .

How tragic we as a nation have succombed to allowing our skilled craftspeople slip through our fingers.  And permitted our work to be exported.

This, I believe, is why there is such a move to local, handcrafted, green, entrepreneurial.  Let’s bring the jobs and skills back home and build our nation up.

That’s my soapbox thought of the day.  What do you think?