Spice Market Soap

Finally had a few minutes to take a few photos.  Here is the newest creation of Images in Bloom’s Soap Master Steve.  It is called Spice Market.

Spice Market is a blend of cuts of our spice soaps… orange clove, apple cinnamon berry, pumpkin spice and the like.  There are rich notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and star anise, complemented by the soft midedle note of a sweet potpourri essential oil.  When we cut soap into bars from a large loaf we have “end cuts” which are more often the soap we use… but we have a small tub of cut that add up.  Steve made a basic soap base, fragrancing it with clove, cinnamon and a potpourri essential oil.  Blending end cuts in, the soap takes on a stained glass effect.  Close your eyes, and you are transported to a spice market with comforting fragrance, warm, inviting, comforting.

process_soap 041process_soap 043

We will be carrying these only at shows.  They a re not available online at this time.  So stop out to see us at our next event, and take a deep sniff.  I am so in love with the spices, and how rich and comforting they are.