Cleveland Flea News


Just got an email from the organizers of the Cleveland Flea.  The survey after the event is done, and they were thrilled with the results.  Everyone had great experience, and found that the day was both encouraging and profitable.   Here is a brief synopsis of the outcome:

  • Crowd estimated at over 2,000 people
  • Great media coverage (channels 3, 8 and 19 had film crews with interviews, Freshwater Cleveland, Cool Cleveland, Plain Dealer)
  • Great variety of merchants
  • Food trucks were busy and food was great
  • Events were well attended, positive feedback

And they are gearing up for the next flea, May 11th.  This will be outdoors in tents, so the dynamic will be a bit different… They believe the flea will grow larger.

Exciting news for the gals that are the organizers is that Cleveland Magazine will be doing a feature on them for the May issue.  And many of the TV stations are requesting them to come into their studios with sample items of the products and goods available at the flea.  That said we jumped at the opportunity to pitch our products to go with them.  Last night I shot off an email with the product sheets (Description and photos) of our soap, shave soap, and our scrubs.  So we are waiting to hear what will come of our email.  Perhaps our products will be on tv.  We are gearing up to be able to respond to increased demand this might bring.  Bring it on!!!!

And again, thank you Stephanie and Carrie for your hard work, organization and efforts.  You did a fabulous job with the April Flea… we are excited to see how this grows!!!