What a Flea!!!


April 13th started out as a chily spring morning ,with frost in the air, and threat of rain/show.  And wow what great news we received that the organizers of the Flea had secured the swanky 20s vintage Slovenian National Home Auditorium at E64 and St Clair.  Stepping back in time to an era of beautiful Proseniums handcrafted of plaster, and leaved in gold.  A graceful balcony lined the back of the space.  It looked quite large…. and once all of the vendors took their places there were nice wide aisles… that quickly filled with people…. a steady flow of people from around 9:30 right on through until about 4:45pm.


Evocative Architecture, Great Handcrafted Goods, Vintage Finds, Yummy Bakery, Food Trucks that knocked it out of the park, and music to keep the vibe thumping…. add a large slathering of news media, photographers and a side order of old friends we have not seen in years, new friends we love and valued customers that encourage us on…. this makes an amazing experience.

Our hats are off to Stephanie and Carrie for your dynamic vision, delightful planning, and well executed outcome. Our wish is that every Cleveland Flea will be as dynamic, and filled with blessing.  We hope we can be a part of at least a few more of them.

It was also nice to see Councilman Cimperman and his lovely wife Nora, and their family.  We see why that neighborhood is so special to you.