And the focus turns to Hessler

We has a great weekend between a small art fair at Key Bank Tiedemann last thursday and Friday, and The Cleveland Flea on Saturday… both of us were quite tired, so much so that I took a day off everything yesterday.

But now the focus is on preparing for Hessler Street Fair this weekend.


We have lots of soap to cut, wrap and package before saturday… and I still have that chair I had said I would get painted.  (So much to do, so little time).

Over the weekend I was able to work on alot of wire crochet, which I am thrilled with the results .  Here are a few of the photos of the work i have accomplished.  (The light was perfect for photographing the silk last night, so I thrilled my neighbors by dressing up a naked white maniquen in my driveway for a backdrop of the weathered fence. )