Today is a special day to us

daisyOn this day 33 years ago I married my best friend and business partner, Steve…. time has flown, and i find it incredible to think that over 3 decades have passed.

In that time we have accomplished so much…. and yet there is so much more to do and see!  We are both thankful for the years we have had, and look forward to the next 33 years and what they might hold!

I must tell you that 33 years ago the day was beautiful until an hour before the church service… then the heavens opened up and it rained in biblical proportion.  Thankfully noone captured that photo of me leaving my parents home in my wedding dress, with my train and bottom of the dress draped into large garbage bags.  How romantic!!

And the day was a fast blur…. church, photos, visits to parents (plural) homes, then the reception, and whew… finally to our getaway.

So Happy Anniversary Honey!  And may the coming year be filled with more blessings for our marriage and our business!