Sexy Man Soap

We soft launched our latest product – a black soap with a very masculine after shave fragrance… based on the standard cold processed soap recipe, this soap is reminescent of the after shave and cologne counter of a finer mens store… And the colorant is black, but the soap created unique patterning in the soap as it cured.

In conjunction with the soap, Steve has developed an aloe gel aftershave that adds moisture to the skin after shaving, while subtly leaving the “Sexy Man” fragrance behind.  We are utilizing airless pump bottles that work on the concept of creating a vacuum, gently lifting the bottom of the bottle as the product is drawn up in the pump.  We love the environmentally friendly packaging.  And we have trialed the product with great response.

So eager to see how these two products are received.  Can you tell we are gearing up for Fathers Day gift giving?  You betcha.