Focus on ingredients: Chammomile

Clean, soft, gentle, daisy like….. Aaah Chamomile!

The faint sweet smell of chamomile takes me back to my childhood, and times when the only thing for a bad cold was a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon.   And Chamomile, a daisy like floral herb that is collected and dried for tea was just the ticket.

But Chamomile is not just for tea drinking.  As a commonly grown plant, the Romans planted it along their paths, and as the foot traffic bristled against the plant a soft pleasant fragrance would fill the air, and act as a deterrent for some of the bothersome insects like mosquitoes

Chemists and scientists have researched the chemistry and report that  “Chamomile has been used for inflammation associated with hemorrhoids when applied topically.   Chemical components of chamomile extract have demonstrated anti-inflammatory, antihyperglycemic,  antigenotoxic,  and anticancer properties  when examined in vitro and in animal studies.” (Wikipedia)

One of our early recipes for soap was that of a soap which uses chamomile essential oil, dry chamomile flowers, blended in a lovely olive oil/palm oil blend of soap, and further flavored with neroli essential oil.  Neroli (also known as the bitter orange) is the essential oil distilled from a citrus fruit grown only in the Mediterranean and is reported to be one of the most used essential oils distilled for perfuming use.

Our soap offers a rich lather, and a nice clean scent.     The bars are spotted with chamomile flowers and petals – making for a gentle exfoliating clean.

Our customers tell us they love it for their dry skin, finding that the soap does not leave them with that “sticky” feeling that some soap brings.

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