Month: August 2013

Focus on Ingredients: Lemon Essential Oil

Clean and crisp lemon appears in wonderful ways throughout cooking and cleaning products.  I am a big fan of lemon, remembering the scent from my childhood, with a wedge of lemon for tea, or that cleaning solution my mom used that made the kitchen sparkle. 

Made in Ohio is upon us

This saturday, August 31 is Made in Ohio.  What is Made in Ohio?  It is one day that artists invade the bucholic historic Hale Farm and Village in Bath Ohio and set up shop.  This year there are 108 vendors – artists, musicians, food, and 

The Arts and Life

My cousin Dan reminded me in an email how unique we are in our family.  Most of our cousins went on to medical school, or engineering, but we, the few, have always shown interest in the arts.   Dan has made his life a passionate 

New Soap Rack

Our much anticipated new soap rack arrived last thursday, and we put it to use on saturday.  It is a well designed rack that folds down, and each shelf comes apart.  We filled it and calculated it holds 492 bars of soap… which will be