The Name the Soap Contest Winner

We put all of the names in a hat, shook it good, and blindly pulled one of the names… All great selections but the winner is: Lemon Comfrey Crunch soap …. and the winner of three bars of soap is Linda Zolton Woods.
Thank you all for participating.


OK, I wish you could all be winners… but we could only pick one name. ย We loved all of your suggestions… in fact it has sent Steve into the research lab to work on a very tropical Hawaiian soap…. he is not telling me what he is making, but i suspect it was as a result of your amazing choices of names.

We had fun, and I think we are going to do this again soon.

For those of you who live in Northeastern Ohio just stop and see us at either Made in Ohio at Hale Farm and Village on Saturday August 31 or at Tremont Art and Culture Festival the third weekend in Sepetember at Lincoln Park and we will have something special for your participating. ย Just remind me when you stop (sometimes setting up and the business of getting things together put me into forgetful mode!