Inspiring article on Leadership

The term leadership carries many connotations – one who directs, had the vision and communicates it effectively, manager, overseer, visionary, but more often than not you never hear the word servant.

I just read another amazing article on leadership and could not resist sharing it with you here. It is from the website, a business site I routinely peruse for insight, innovative ideas, and inspiration.  Here is the link:

The Capacity to Connect

Native Americans are not often written of in a positive light, let alone as innovators of leadership and development.  Yeah, its about time that a wonderful article like this comes out.  I love the idea of connecting people together to build a better business.  I love the idea of serving as leadership.  And i am so inspired to see how we can develop “sustainability” in the face of an erratic and unstable economy.  The Choctaw are proving it is possible… now its our turn to follow suite.