A quick tour of this site

I have been working hard to bring a fresh look, new information and lots of updates to this website.  I wanted to introduce some of the changes I have made, and showcase some of the pages I am excited about.  Here are the updates.  To go to that page simply click on the hyperlink.

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Under the About+ tab:

Press/Media – We wanted our site to have a brief bio, and details about our business. Our press and media page has been updated to include a picture, and hyperlinks to the media articles we have been blessed to be part of.  I have attached several videos we appeared in for various events also.

Galleries – Always changing and being updated.  Here is our latest listing of locations where our products can be found.  Check back frequently as we are working to expand our distribution channels.

Schedule – I have updated our schedule to reflect where we will be through the end of the year.  We are not planning to be involved in very many events before Christmas, but the ones we a re in a re amazing.

Juried Shows – This is our resume of shows and fine art events we were juried into.  As you probably know, when the term jury or juried is used it indicates that in order to be accepted into an event a panel of experts examined the work and made a decision if it met their standards and criteria.  I have updated 2013 juried events on this running list.

Pop Up Shops – We are in negotiation with several “pop up shops” around Northeastern Ohio.  Pop up refers to a brick and mortar store that literally appears for from 1 day to 2 months, and then it is done.  Often they pop up for the holiday season, and end by the end of the year.  These are wonderful showcases of handcrafted artistic goodness.

If you want to know what Pop Up Shops we were involved in past years there is a tab for that too… Pop Ups of the Past


My booth - cool tones.  The scarf on the left in celery and blue was an amazing surprise that it sold quickly.

Under Hand Dyed Silk

Hand Dyed Silk – I reorganized the page, and provided a better catalog of my work.

Fashion Color of the Season – I updated the pantone color palate, to include the colors of Spring 2014. Pantone is the universal standard for color for the fashion industry, and the colors are set by the New York Fashion Week Board. When picking colors for the silk i try to dye to this palate.

Upcycling – for some of our newer friends and visitors you may not be aware that a portion of the business has been in upcycling plastic shopping bags into crochet totes and bags.  I updated the photo catalog of upcycled projects.  I refer to my work as “Reblooming Bags“. At this time the Reblooming Bag Project is not active but there are plans to bring it back.



Under Soap, Shave Soap, Scrubs and More

Soap, Shave Soap, Scubs and More – I updated the photo, and made an index to quickly find the other pages contained in this section.

Our Soap – This is a project in process… as i update our etsy shop i am also updating this page to include a listing of the variety of soap, including a description and a hyperlink to  our etsy shop.  As always, if you don;t see what you want send us a message, comment or email.  We probably have it, but i have not gotten the site updated yet.

Scrubs – The update includes a photo montage of the current products, a chart explaining the difference between salt and sugar scrubs, and a listing of each of the scrubs, with hyperlinks to our etsy shop.

Shave Soap/Shave Kits – We have been receiving great email feedback from customers, so i decided to add a few of their comments.  Also i updated the soap to include a description and hyperlink to our etsy shop.

Under Shave Soap/Shave Kits

Shave Kits– I have photographed some of the examples of kits we have for sale, and ones we have sold.  We utilize The Mudd Sisters pottery for our bowls.  The Mudd Sisters are two friends that started a pottery business after attending class together.  Deb creates hand built coiled bowls that exude amazing character.  Deb throws her bowls on a potters wheel and utilizes amazing glazes to add pops of color and surprising beauty to simple forms.  This is a work in progress with plan to photograph everything currently available as i update our etsy site.