Sleep is very important

I have been reading more and more about the value and importance of a good night’s rest to our overall health and well being.  And i agree.  In the not so distant past I was working a part time job that was nights on the weekends.  That was tough and the disruption of my circadian rhythm and sleep patterns affected more than just being tired all the time.  My thinking seemed fogged over, and my physical being ached more than usual.

The act of resting for a third to a quarter of our day is vital to restore and reinvigorate our bodies and our minds.  I had the pleasure of reading a blog post by a favorite author, Michael Hyatt, on this subject and felt the graphic was significant enough to pass it on.

sleep-infographic1-760x2569 (1)This image is from

If you would like to read his full article click on the image and you will be taken to his blog.