The joy of wire crochet

Crochet has been around since the early middle ages, with resurgence over time in popularity… but crochet of wire was not something commonly known of or discussed until the victorian era.  But little is known of its origins, or the products of the process.  Wire crochet reemerged in fashion about 8 years ago, with delicate chandelier earrings carefully crochet in silver wire.


The “official method” for involving beads in wire crochet involves stringing all of the beads on the wire first, then begin to crochet, grabbing a bead with a stitch.  This process creates a loose, wire mesh feel.  While i must say i have done some bracelets and jewelry like this (pictured above) , I love density.  I love maximized color, and i discovered a new technique that gives me the crochet, and the beads, but in dense pattern.  I crochet a wire frame, then with the same wire i begin gathering the beads and embroidering them on to the wire frame.  The results can be amazing.

Bracelets are such a unique niche of interest.. and dense beaded pieces are statement pieces in an outfit.  I love creating something different than what others would see… and my work closely resembles that of bead weaving, which is a different skill set all together, gathering beads with filiment line, and weaving the line through to create patterns, also very dense, of beads.