Photos of our weekend

We had a busy weekend, spending Saturday in Vermillion at our favorite garden show of the year, Vermillion in Bloom.  As usual, there were a great selection of nurseries with a wide array of perennials, annuals, herbs and beautiful planters.  Oh, and we were so blessed to have a visit by several of our regular customers.  One woman sweetly said “your soap was causing disagreement in our family!”  when i asked for details she laughed and said her husband kept stealing the one bar of soap out of her shower, and using it… and they laughed about it.  Such Fun!


And sunday we were part of the Lake Park System Eco Market in honor of Earth Day.  Kids and dogs were the order of the day, with many families coming to participate in the craft, ride the train, and hike the grounds.  We even met the “bug guy” who sang to us a song of bugs.


It was a great weekend, but i must admit i still feel a bit tired…. and longing for a day off to just catch up on all those things that go neglected to bring our business together.