Branding, and integrity


Branding, the idea that your product, your work, your worth has a specific style, appearance, presentation, quality, reputation… is very important to us.  Steve and I have worked hard to refine our skills and produce the best products we can, and package them, represent them, and display them in the best possible light.  From the simplicity of our soap labels, to the concept that each bar of soap is wrapped before being labeled is mission critical.  This is what seperates us from others, and defines our products as unique.

Branding began with the concept of our business.  We wanted to be known as makers of the best natural soaps around.  Our ingredients are good, and special…. we purposed to buy the best and make the most luxurious soaps we can afford to make.  Branding carries on through our research, with the desire to create products that meet the needs of people.  Soap is a personal thing, but there are so many skin types, allergies, concerns with additives and chemicals.  We opted to avoid the chemicals as much as possible in making our cold processed soaps. And essential oils as much as possible instead of fragrant oils, which often cause allergic reactions, and so forth.

Branding – we have all lived with it…. from the logo for coca-cola, to the jingle for Rice-a-Roni…. visual images of charlie the tuna, or the San Francisco cable car… these are all parts of a brand… driven into the advertising until we associate the product with that thing.  Branding is not isolated to the product, but can be the person too… how they do business, conduct them self  what they represent.  We are surrounded by “Brands” – Michael Jackson, Barbara Walters, Donald Trump… etc.

Personal Branding is important to us also.  We want to always live our life, conduct our business, behave at the highest standard… Honest, sincere, dependable, clear.  What we say we will do, we do.  And what we mean, we mean.  As our brand, this is critical to uphold.

We realized recently how our brand, and our products are valued. Several events transpired over the last few days. We made a donation of a scarf, soap and a pin to a worthy event without further thought.  Today we received the most delightful email of thanks, giving us two complimentary tickets to attend the fundraiser with their most sincere thank you for the generosity.   And from the weekend we were approached by another artist with an invitation to another art show.  As we looked at the email we realized there were only 2 other names on the email – and she passed up the other 55-60 vendors, soliciting only us.   We are not certain why she selected us.  We can only imagine it was something in our business practice, or personal brand that she liked.  For that we are so thankful.  It blew our minds.