Dare to have fun

Hessler Street Fair is so much fun because there is a willingness to just have fun there!  We saw a number of people that felt comfortable enough being just themselves… whether it was the guy dressed in a superman-like suite with a guitar slung over his back, or the woman that wandered around with a huge sign that said “Dance, Just Dance”, no matter the message, their willingness to be them self  expressive, bold, vulnerable was a message.  And there was Sasha Peppercorn, the human status… braving the cold with a unique costume and standing for hours as a statue… smiling, winking and drawing attention here and there.  Such Fun!  Do we dare to have fun?  Or has life boxed us into a place where we are proper, always maintaining composure and proper decor?

Having a sense of humor, and the ability to laugh makes even the most difficult things more palatable   There is even a proverb in the bible that says “A merry heart is good medicine.”  So have some fun today! Take a chance to giggle, or just dance, wear tights and play a guitar, or just put on a paper moustache for fun.  Life is far too short to take it totally seriously… enjoy it too.