A busy week ahead for Images in Bloom

This is a busy week, getting our inventory ready for two shows this coming weekend, as well as restocking the galleries.

Monday, June 9th we visit The Log Cabin Gallery and collect our merchandise from the Spring in Bloom gallery show, which ended yesterday.  Sales were brisk, and we certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this amazing work Diane Seskes pulls together.  Our products will be returning later in the month for the summer show in her gallery… more details on that when I have them.

Tuesday, June 10th Steve will be finishing the last batches of soap making for the week… our evening is busy with other endeavors!

Wednesday, June 11th is my target date to finish processing my latest batch of silk for distribution to galleries.  My latest line of silk offers more subtle colors, more delicate patterning…. rather than my typical explosive color and bold patterns.  So the evening will be found steaming and preparing the silk.

Thursday, June 12th is the final wrapping of soap for the weekend… As i write this post we have perhaps 15 pounds of soap to wrap up for sale.  Each bar has to be cut, and cured before it can be wrapped up.  Curing varies from 2 days to 6 weeks depending on the formula.

Friday, June 13th is pack up the car with all of our gear, and our products.  Making certain we have all our signage, tables, table covering, tent, etc.

Saturday, June 14th is Bay Arts


Held on the grassy lawn in front of Bay Arts, the Huntington Playhouse and the other amazing buildings, Artists Tents pop up everywhere with such beautiful things… ceramics, bead weaving, watercolor, soap (yes, we are there with soap), fiber (yes, silk and wire are there too), photography, painting and wonderful music.  The music is always great, and the time is leasurly, relaxed and fun.  Hope you can visit… or go swimming at the beach across the road, then come over and walk the park to cool off!!! Food too!

IMG_2532[1]Sunday will find us setting up our tent in the artists village of the Gracious Gardens Fair on the grounds of the Shaker Heights Historical Society.   We have had our soap in their gift shop, and were thrilled with the opportunity to be represented in person.  Sadly, it is only for the sunday portion of the event.