Preparing for Bay Arts Art and Music Festival

Saturday, June 14th is special to Steve and I for several reasons:

  • It is Flag Day – and on Flag Day in 1977 Steve asked me out for the first time on a date.  We are sentimental about that because it was such a surprise, and such a special date.  Still remember having a Chinese Food Feast and a movie.  Chinese was very foreign to me (ooh, not meaning the pun, meaning my family did not eat Chinese and i was unfamiliar with most of what is served in restaurants.)  but Steve was the master of Chinese cuisine because he had worked at a Chinese restaurant through high school.
  • Its warm, and sunny and June weather!
  • It is BayArts Art and Music Festival day.   The lawn of BayArts (in the Huntington Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks) transforms into an artist village, with the wafts of food and rifts of wonderful music emminating from the area.  Lots of amazing art, fun activities, food and the best music around.   The event is from 10am to 4pm on Saturday.  The location is 28795 Lake Road, Cleveland Metroparks, Huntington Reservation, Bay Village, Ohio 44140