Summer Monday


This time of year is so wonderful.  The birds wake up singing at about 4am, and the low angle sunlight begins to fill the sky and by the time my alarm goes off at 6am its a beautiful morning.

We are excited for the next few weeks of our adventure as art gypsies…. and we have some preparation for the week at hand:

  • Wrapping our limited edition summer soaps – Sweet Pea, Beach House, Wisteria and a special one that will be taking on tones of a vivid sunset.
  • Processing a half dozen more pieces of silk – specifically in tones of greens and woodsy browns, and blues with hints of green…. summer glorious colors.

Tomorrow we deliver our supply of soap, shaving products, scrubs and silk to the Log Cabin Gallery in Peninsula for the Summer Pure and Simple Show which opens this friday, June 26th.  Log Cabin Gallery is an authentic Log Cabin that was saved from destruction in North Carolina, and moved to Penninsula where it was authentically reassembled to sit on a high bluff above the Cuyahoga River.

This is an example of the box pattern we use for our shaving soap.  Ofcourse we dont use such fancy card stock - just a simple gray.
This is an example of the box pattern we use for our shaving soap. Shave boxes are just a simple gray. French Green Clay boxes are a soft white beige.

Wednesday we will be finishing the last of the wrapping of soap for the weekend.

  • Two more batches of Pink Himalayan Salt Soap that has cured and is now ready to be wrapped.
  • Boxes to make for the French Green Clay Facial Soap and for the Shave Soap
  • The log of French Green Clay Soap has cured, and now needs to be cut, and wrapped
  • The log of Bay Rum Shave Soap is also cured and ready for cutting and wrapping
  • Wrap 10 dozen mini soaps… time consuming, but such fun.

Thursday is final catch up on all of the packing up for the weekend.

Friday we take a deep breath, and a break from our production to clean house, and catch up on laundry… Yeah


Saturday is Waterloo!!!  Waterloo Avenue is located just north of I90 in Collinwood… the event is going to be great… all of the galleries will be open, there are multiple stages, including one for kids, and lots of great food and art.  Hope you can visit!