Going a bit more green

taster spoon bamboo

We are always trying to think through and source out ways of keeping our business environmentally friendly.  Our soap is natural, and we make a point of recycling all of the containers our oils come in, and the glass bottles our essential oil is stored in.  But how could we stake another step to go green?

Our supplier of the small spoons we use to attach with our sugar and salt scrubs gave us an answer.  They stopped carrying the little black plastic spoons…. which has sent us on a search for an economic solution to replace them.  Birch is a renewable, sustainable harvested wood source with pretty tough criteria that encouraged us to move to this choice:

  • This heavy weight wooden utensil is made from solid birch wood that is harvested from F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) certified replanted/sustainable forests.
  • Unlike some “green” alternatives, this heavy weight wood taster spoon won’t break down or turn to mush if stored in high heat areas.
  • Compostable, burnable, and will break down quickly.

Plus we like the look of wood.  It reminds us that our products are as natural as they can be…. and the bare wood spoons look so elegant.

We will be rolling them out with our scrubs in the very near future.  We have a small supply of the plastic spoons to use up first.