We are taking today off


Wow, that is something rare.  Since our little business started 4 years ago it is rare that we take time off from the work of producing the soap, hand dying the silk, blogging, writing, taking photos or setting up at events.

Well today we are taking a rest to drive to a family reunion that is very meaningful.  Steve’s step mom invited us to her reunion, in Steubenville Ohio and explained that she is concerned that her generation is fading away quickly.  She is one of only 2-3 left of her generation.  Her family has a long history in this country, with stories of heros from the civil war, and tales of involvement in American history that date back quite a while.  Some of these are stories we have faintly heard about, and want to know more about.  Steve’s step-mom has been a family historian, keeper of the tales and events, and organizer of details that would otherwise be lost to time and memory.  And she has expressed her need to pass on this knowledge, share the information, and ensure the continuity of the family history.

So it is our honor and our joy to drive down, and meet with family that we faintly know, celebrate a legacy and kindle new friendships.  And to make new moments in history.

As I write this Steve has been cooking up a storm for the reunion.  He smoked and prepared pulled pork, and the eggplant lasagna is bubbling in the oven and almost ready to travel in our hot box.  The dogs are fed, watered, and have been jumping and playing in the back yard, ready for their rest while we are gone.  The car is full of gas, tires and everything checked, and we appear ready to go.  And yes, we did pack some soap, mostly for gifts.

I promise photos and an update after we get home.