Month: August 2014

YorkFest 2014 in Photos

It was a dance through rain clouds on our drive to York… down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, through those ominous tunnels in the mountains, and finally seeing signs that began to take us to our destination of York, PA. We quickly found the information booth, and 

The week ahead is busy

We are a bit tired from the long drive home from York last night.  We arrived in our driveway at 2:15 am this morning, and after 4 hours of sleep i was off to my day job.  So tonight is going to be a slower 

Yorkfest is coming

We have a check list of things to accomplish before the drive to York… and the list is progressing quickly…. All of the soap is made, a few more bars left to wrap.  All of the silk is dyed, and detailed, and will be steamed 

Jewelweed Products

  Summer is here, and so is the poison ivy and bug bite season… Did you know that nature provides a natural remedy for poison ivy in the form of a plant, known as jewelweed.  The plant grows in shade areas at the edges of