Soaps of Autumn – Cinnamon Sage


Each season is an opportunity to enter into the sights and scents of that season…. and Autumn is the most favorite time in the Images in Bloom Studios.  We anticipate the changing colors of the trees, the cooler temperatures, and the crisp days with low angled sun.  And it is fall nesting in preparation for a cold and long winter…. so the smells of apple crisp, and pumpkin muffins, slow cooked pork roasts with a herbaceous wonderfulness.  Autumn is also the time of Thanksgiving, and that one day that as a nation we set aside time to thank God for the many ways he has blessed us.

In the Images in Bloom Studios we began in early summer to source out essential oils for our autumn line of soap.  We have some standard soaps that are wildly popular this time of year and are a year around staple of our line, such as Pumpkin Spice… a cold processed soap made with coconut, palm and olive oil, blended with a rich cinnamon/clove essential oil, and pumpkin fragrant oil.  The soap lathers amazingly, and the scent lasts to the last sliver.   One of the fun things about being the wife of the soapmaker is that I get to try and enjoy all of the soaps.  Last fall I put a bar of pumpkin spice soap in my soap dish in the bathroom early in the morning, and went off to work.  When i came home that evening the sun had been beating through the window, warming up the room, and the smell of pumpkin spice filled the room.  I love it!!!

This year we want to introduce you to the limited edition soaps of autumn.  Our first entry is Cinnamon Sage.  This is made with an olive oil, palm and coconut oil blend, with a fragrant blend oil that contains cinnamon, sage, and hints of clove and nutmeg.  Top note is spicy, with the sage adding a deep and crisp bottom note.  Steve adds a touch of labcolor (Natural soap colorant) in a deep sage green , and a cinnamon redish brown swirl atop a white bar.  This bar really lathers well, offering a refreshing clean.  And this bar is superfatted.  (you can learn more about superfatting at this link.)

As always, each bar is individually wrapped in a lightly wax paper, and labeled with ingredients and contact information.  The lightly waxed paper allows the soap to remain clean and protected until you a re ready to use it.

Would you like to purchase a bar of Cinnamon Sage?  (Click here)