New Dying Project

I just received another box of supplies in the mail, and i am eagerly hoping to carve out some time to work on a few pieces of silk using the new dye.  Specifically, this dye is a two part dye, added to boiling salt water, and the silk itself is immersed in the boiling dye water for 20 minutes. What started out as completely white cut devore scarves comes out of the dye with the velvet pile one color, and the background or field (a sheer silk) a different color. Cut Devore, also known as Burnout, offers great opportunity to showcase this technique becaIt is a new project, and like all other techniques, it is a learning process, but i love what i am seeing so far.  Here are a few rough photos:

The one on the left is a sea green velvet on a field of a lighter blue cyan.  Fringe went green.  This was one of the photos taken after i finished the processing and had ironed the scarf.  Plan is to take better photos with my maniquin soon.  The one on the right is a crimson red velvet pile on a red orange background… the background was to have been a golden orange but this is where the dye is surprising me with different outcomes.