Month: January 2015

A Shaving Brush Primer

Following the post on Shaving Soap, i thought it fitting to tell you a bit about what we know of Shaving Brushes.  So here goes.  The idea of having the ability to shave at home became popular in the mid 19th century only after innovations 

Do you Tweet?

Of all of the social media outlets, Twitter is the most unusual.  Short messages, bursts of thought, with links and ability to attach photos.  Twitter has become the world’s reporter at the ready in breaking situations.  The world learned about major events with short bursts 

Fun soap making with Home Schoolers

One of the simple joys of our business is the opportunity to teach. We spend the day teaching about the chemistry of soap, the process of making soap, and the steps involved in making it. The home school group was very attentive and eager to participate.

Inspiration from pioneers in change

I love those success stories that are obvious to us, but when they began they were far from it.  I keep my eyes opened for stories of people who change their environment, change perspective, or create new opportunity where there was none. A few weeks