How does the cold affect you?

Snow crystals 2b
baby its cold outside!

I was standing at the bus stop the other morning… temperature on my cell phone said 7 degrees, and with wind chill it was at least -10 degrees.  My layers of coats, hoodies, hat, 2 pair of gloves, etc seemed like they did not help to keep that frosty nip from biting at my skin.  No where to run or hide from that constant arctic blast… I found myself dreaming of a hawaiian beach, balmy 80 degrees constant, low humidity, and a gentle trade wind blowing to keep it comfortable.


In these recent years meteorologists have begun naming winter storms, and words like “Polar Vortex” have taken over for what we always thought were squals, and blizzards, white outs, and clippers from northern canada.  Names have changed, but the weather itself has remained the same… cold, snow, wind chill…… burr.

I love the change of seasons,with each season having such unique qualities.  The beauty of the fresh fallen snow on a tranquil morning makes me wish i were more of a painter or photographer.  Fall with its majestic change of colors, and cooler temperatures bring the desire to nest at home, and make a warm dinner or pot of soup.  Yes, each season has redeeming qualities, but the winter freeze… hmm… my midlife bones seem to prefer a more constant warmer experience.

When it gets absolutely frigid out there I want to stay inside, dressed in layers, and head to the studio to work on something creative.  Passing the time making something takes my mind off the arctic blast out there.  So how do you handle the winter freeze?  Does it turn you back to your projects, and your art?  Or are you the adventurer who loves to snowshoe, ski, hike or climb in the winter snow?