Readers are Leaders

“Readers are leaders, Barb, so if you want to succeed, and even become a leader you need to develop a lifestyle of reading as much as you can, as frequently as you can.”

This quote was one i heard frequently.  My parents advocated that i grow by learning, reading, absorbing as much as i could.  And academia reminded me that success involved knowing the material, studying dutifully, learning all i could and internalizing it into my life. Work, wherever it is, has required learning systems, processes, and organizational structure.  And lately i have realized that reading is one of the major themes of my life…. i love to read.  I love to absorb new information, and grow in areas where i lack knowledge.  And books have provided some amazing and wonderful insight.

I have been reading books focused on business organization, leadership and enterpreneurialism, and wanted to suggest a few books to you, should you wish to read them:

21ilol1.  21 Irrefutable Laws of Leaders by John Maxwell – Maxwell takes a look at 21 specific characteristics all leaders should have.  Reading that book helped me filter through what my leadership strengths are, and what needs to be strengthened.

2.  Personality Plus by Florence Littauer – Based on the greek model that there are 4 fundamental personality types, and we each have a dominant characteristic in how we live… This might help to understand yourself, and then be able to understand others you work and do business with.

3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – A classic to define purpose, and effectively manage your time.  From his book I have developed a passion for planning my day, my week, month and year.  And when i am true to the planning i often am true to the plan and accomplish more.

4. Good to Great by Jim Collins – Amazing insight into why some companies are long lasting, and others fail.  This has helped us to develop a plan for growing the business which requires a 360 degree review of the environment, market, product and plan.

5.  Tribes by Seth Goden – Actually anything by Seth Goden has been powerfully insightful.  Seth is able to cut through the muck and mire, and offer clear insight into structuring life in a way that will leave a legacy, and gives you tools that will make it possible for others to want to follow you.

6.  The Bible – It should be number one on the list, as the information and impact it has had in my life is profound.  The truth is nothing is new under this sun – and the bible captures everything – concern for dealing with others, how to have ethics, do business well, and honor one another.

Books are great, and i honestly always have something in the pipeline to read.  Right now on the table by my bed are three books i want to finish… and a growing wish list of more to read.

But I also love blogs, and web sites for information.  Here are a few of the most influential business sites i read on a regular basis:



































There are a ton of other sources i go to, read summaries online, and keep in touch with.  But this is a great start if you are looking for information and inspiration for your own business.  I hope this encourages you.