Studio Dreaming

2014 served to reinforce the need for us to source out a studio space APART from our home.  As the season became more busy our house began to fill up with boxes and cases and bags and supplies… The dining room relegated to a collection space for tubs of completed and wrapped soap, and all of our endless supplies.

So the dream began again…. wouldn;t it be nice to have a studio space.  We stumbled across a web site that sells prefabricated cottages…. they call them arched cabins… and they can be as small or large as you wish, one floor or two.  Some people build them for summer cottages, others for artists retreat…. .we are kind of seeing a big sign out front and “Soap and Fiber Studio” –   The construction is solid ribbing ,with a structural skin, and decent insulation…. Its a dream…. now to figure out the financing and well…… hmmm.

Updates when we have news.