Florida bound….


No, not us, but our soap.  We are so delighted to have a wonderful customer in Bittner Bee.  We met them last fall, and quickly we established a wholesale contract making soap for Bittner using their honey and beeswax.   They maintain hives and harvest their products in Ohio during the warm months, and Florida during the cold months up north.

Steve makes four soaps specifically for them, with their private labeling and let me tell you they smell amazing:

  • Honey Milk Oatmeal Beeswax Soap – smells like a warm oatmeal cookie and has great lather.  One of the coolest things is that the surface of the soap bar looks like honeycomb because he uses bubble wrap as the lining in the bottom of the mold.  This is a very gentle soap, and the beeswax hardens the very soft formula.
  • Honey Honey Soap – Mild cold processed recipe adds honey and a sweet vanilla essential oil.
  • Honey Lavender – That clean lavender essential oil blends well with a touch of honey to make luxurious lather and refreshing clean.
  • Busy Bee – this one has black cherry essential oil and cocoa powder… smells as wonderful as it is to use.

So the order is made, the soap has cured, and we are packing it up for its journey to Florida!