Not the title you would expect in this blog, right?  And what on earth do i mean by HALT?  Let me try to explain myself. I have been reading more on leadership and creativity and stumbled across an interesting little nugget.  Leadership, and creativity are fluid things.  There are ebbs and flows, often affected how we function and interact with others.

No, its not just me.  If you are honest you can say there are certainly times when we run out of energy, or have no sense of creativity.  If you document the conditions surrounding those times you might be able to find the HALT theory.  This is a series of conditions that reduce our productivity, and reduce our communications.  Here they are:

H – Hungry

A – Angry

L – Loney

T – Tired

Each of these conditions make us vulnerable to the weaknesses of our selves.  Knowing that we are not our best when we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired should trigger in us a response to make corrections – get a good meal, work out the anger, call a friend or just take a nap.  Until these conditions are resolved your creativity will suffer, and your leadership of your business will be lacking.

Bottom line of this post is to create a recognition for those symptoms that will bog you down and reduce your creativity.  Take care of yourself, be sure to eat right, get enough sleep, resolve those issues that anger you, and take time for friendships and relationships.  When these areas of life are in balance the creativity flows and productivity increases.