The changing world

oh really

Images in Bloom is a welcome change from the bustle and hustle of corporate America.  That is a drastic statement, but if you have spent any time at all working for a company (public or private) other than your own business you will resonate with the idea that the corporate environment is ever changing.

As i think back to my youth and remember the impress my parents left me – the job you choose will be your job for life.  Yes, ofcourse you would grow in knowledge, responsibility and title, but the loyalty was to the company, and they invested in growing you.  Hearing that all through my teen years, and into the college years I believed it.  All around me people were demonstrating the proof of this theory by working their whole lives for one company.  My father retired from the US Post Office with 30 years of service.

But there was a great and powerful shift.  Corporate America has become a place where there is not the word loyalty, and sadly it is not as common for people to last 20, 25, 30 years.  And people who have that much time invested suddenly become targets for change…. living tight under the wire to avoid being forced to retire or leave. And there is a trend to move from job to job due to shifting economics, and changing opportunities.  One job recruiter routinely tells their clients that as they land this job begin immediately to plan and look for the next one within the next 2 years.

Frankly I have to say that 2 years is not a lot of time to fully understand and know the company, company infrastructure, and the job itself.  Knowledge and skills are invested, and simply walk out the door with the job change.  So that means a constant state of change, constant training, never allowing the staff to come to full potential.

Another work place norm, which was a core value of society was to respect your elders.  They were once viewed as a watershed of knowledge, resources for the company.  That is not true in society or in business these days… or at least it is a very rare core value that has been eradicated from much of the work world.

Changes are the one thing that is constant.  Change is essential and adapting to new technology, business practices, and changing conditions.  But what is not essential is the laying aside of civility, of respect for elders, of keeping room for all generations at the table.

I am working on a short series of articles about the different work styles and ways by the living generations.  I found some fascinating information i want to pass on to you.  If you are still in the work world I would love for you to share your thoughts and experiences in comments.  How have you navigated those challenges?  Have the shifting opinions and ways changed how you work?