Nifty news in my email yesterday!

With the Easter weekend quite busy i have to admit i didn’t look at my emails until lunch time yesterday… and wow, i was blown away.  I subscribe to a great website called Art fair Insider – a wealth of information, a forum for getting advice, information on art shows, and you name it.  The website is incredibly helpful for learning the business of art fairs.  I have come to appreciate the community represented by the site, and the care with which people will offer insight, help and resource direction.

I receive emails frequently, perhaps daily with current hot topics on the blog, call for artists, and articles on issues and concerns.  When i opened the email the title was curious to me… “Special Edition : Pre-Season Art Fair Treat”  with a lovely intro to the Great Lakes Art Fair.  It seemed like a long email, so i kept scrolling, to find a top ten list:  “Ten Artists Not to Miss at the Great Lakes Art Fair” and there it was – 10. Barbara Pitorak Bloom – Shibori Silk.  There are about 250 artists at that show  with mad skills at their medium…. and art fair insider picked me as one of 10.  Holy Cow!

top 10-glaf