Peace Love and Lemonade!!!! Yes, its Hessler time again


We are officially accepted as artists at Hessler Street Fair which comes up on May 16-17, 2015 and we are totally looking forward to the weekend festival.  This year the theme is peace, love and lemonade!  It has us thinking about our products and possibly adding something that has a lemonade sense about it.  I think i am going to wire crochet a few peace signs with leaves… love that look, and think it could be fun.

Hessler Street is located just off Ford Road, on the eastern end of the Case Western Campus and close to all of the museums, University Hospital, and tons of great places to stop, shop, eat.

If you are looking for a music and art festival that evokes a simpler age, a hippy experience, a fun environment, come on down.  And we hope to see you.