How amazing! How surprising!

Recently we participated in the Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi, Michigan.  And amid the crowd of people that wandered through the show was a family that sought us out.  Last year when we did this art show and were surprised by a mom and her daughter who stopped and asked questions about the soap.  The daughter was having great difficulty with skin issues.  Frankly she was willing to try anything to see if she could find relief and comfort.

I think anyone who struggles with health issues that continue for weeks, months, years can relate to that sense of willingness to try alternatives.  I can tell you that in 1986 I began to develop eczema, and over the years I have seen doctors, had tests, tried lotions and potions, prescriptions, injections, light treatment ordered by the doctor, and finally have tried to assess by food and diet to see if i can find the triggers.  Some health concerns are not clear cut, easily relieved by a prescription, or a treatment.  And often the prescription brings unwanted side affects.  So yes, I get that desire for healing, for relief from the itching, the pain, the struggle, the appearance.

So they sniffed our soap, and selected a few bars to try.  Natural ingredients, essential oils, nothing to create allergic reaction…. and a cautious optimism filled the air last year.

About a month later we received an email from our customer. She wanted to share that the soap was helping and her daughter’s skin was improving.  And she attributed some of the improvement to our soap.

This year they came with a plan to purchase a year’s worth of soap, and her arms were so beautifully clear that she was wearing a sleeveless shirt.  Amazing.  See for yourself:

We dont make medical claims on our soap, but we do recognize that skin is sensitive to so many factors, and rashes, allergies, and skin issues can be a major frustration in life.  We can only say that our soap is made of natural ingredients.  We avoid chemicals (apart from the sodium hydroxide mixed with the oils which creates the soap, and when cured is not a factor), and we try to research and develop formulas of soap that are gentle to the skin, and beneficial.    Thank you Rose for sharing your daughter’s photos.  We wish her continued healing and great success with her skin.  And we are tickled that you told us about it.