Yes, its spring but Poison Ivy is coming!!!!

As i write this post it has been cold, surprisingly colder than it should be for April.  In fact we even saw some of those unwanted white frozen flakes flying about… but if you are a gardener, hiker, or property maintenance person you know that one truth is the season will change, and the sun will warm up the earth.  And before you know it everything will be growing and green and full of life.

And while we want those flowers and vegetables to grow abundantly, there are some things that we hope would not… among which is Poison Ivy.  Just a brush against poison ivy will result in an intense reaction that is unpleasant.

But God has a sense of humor.  Always growing in proximity to Poison Ivy is a wild plant known as Jewel weed.  Actually it is in the family of the annual flower known as Impatience.  The sap in Jewel weed a natural remedy to poison ivy, and when applied either before or shortly after exposure to poison ivy the reaction is usually contained or the impact is reduced.

That said, we have just finished curing our first batch of Jewel weed Soap for 2015, and we will have it ready for sale tomorrow at Vermilion in Bloom.  And we should have it up on etsy by the end of the weekend.  Our jewel weed soap is a blend of wonderful oils, infusion of jewel weed (that we picked from a friend’s yard in Burton Ohio) and essential oil blend to add a clean fragrance to the soap.