Do they come with their own batteries?


Michael Hyatt is one of my mentors, although i have never met him in person.  I have followed his blogs and pod casts for years now, gleaning great nuggets of gold for living, business, and writing.  He is a voracious writer who offers up clear concepts, wise counsel, encouragement.  So when i received his email titled “Don’t Hire People Unless the Batteries Are Included”  It’s an interesting article that rings true to the encounters i have had with people.  It’s worth a quick read.

The article focuses on the idea that some people have their own energy, naturally motivated, and their energy is contagious, helpful and team building.  On the other hand there are people who don;t have energy but drain that of everyone around them.  I think we can all agree we have known a few people like this in our life.  He takes it a step farther in talking about team development, that he would not consider hiring energy drainers for his team because life is difficult enough working with people who have their own energy and sense of being.

Insightful, practical, and i have found myself saying I don’t ever want to be the person without batteries!!!

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