Happy, smooth and well groomed!

Our customers are the best.  They provide great conversation, great ideas and even talk about how they use our products.


We met Jon at Third Friday’s at 78th street studios, but before we met him in person he was already a customer  of our shave soap.  They discovered our products at Bay Arts and have been loyal customers for some time.

Jon uses the shave soap for shaving his head.  He buys our Lime Ginger Peppercorn Shave soap. Each bar of shave is 3″ in diameter by 1″ thick, and blended into the gentle cold processed soap formula is a blend of essential oils and bentonite clay.  The clay adds the slippery surface on the skin, as well as a close shave.

Thanks Phil, we appreciate your feedback.  And thank you for your photos and for your patronage.