River Light Gallery – Peninsula

Its always an amazement and a wonder when a part of history is preserved, fixed up, made better than before.  Since i was a small child i have always loved to see historic renovation, and delighted when preservation has been on the foreground of old structures.  It seems that when we have old structures still in use there is a deep tie to the past.  A sense that we are walking in the footsteps of previous generations.  Sadly today this is seldom practiced, with vintage structures being torn down to make way for modern.  We experience such a loss of not just the architecture, but the skills involved in the work.  So when we see detailed and sensitive restoration done to preserve old structures I get so excited.

Such is the case of a vintage store/house in Peninsula located at 1663 Main Street.  The structure is a storefront and house owned by the village.  Great bones… solid building, but the aging process had settled in, and last summer work began to improve, correct, and sensitively restore this amazing building.  We watched as we visited the Log Cabin Gallery, adjacent to this site.  And by mid summer Diane, the owner/proprietor of the Log Cabin Gallery had begun talking and planning a gallery in that space.  She opened in the fall and has curated an amazing array of wonderful works made by local artists.  We are honored to have a few shelves of soap /shaving products there… and just love the vibe…

Its a lovely drive through the National Park, to quaint and charming Peninsula.  So many little nooks and crannies to search.  You should visit.

River Light Gallery

1663 Main Street (Rte 303)

Peninsula, OH