Why do I get this visual picture of a cow dancing ballet when I hear the term “Super-Fatting”.   Honestly it is not about cows, or ballet.  (Thats just my funny sense of humor!)

Super-fating is a term used in soap making.  And when you see this on labels you are in for a treat.  You see, when soap is made, if it is straight soap it is a detergent – an agent to wash away the dirt from your skin.  But detergents also remove oil from your skin, leaving the top layers of your skin dried out, and vulnerable to problems.

Super-fating is simply increasing the amount of oils in the soap formula by percentage.  Typically we superfat to 5%, which guarantees that oil replacement when you wash, without an oil slick residue.  All of our soap formulas build in superfating!

and if you would like to learn more about the medical and health benefits of superfatted soap, i wrote an article a while back.  Click on this link and you can read it too.

A conversation with a doctor