My first silk class at the new studio


I have broken out the frames, pins, rubberbands and silk…. and a few bottles of gutta are at the ready…. Yes, Next Saturday will be my first class in our new studio.  The subject is French Resist Silk Painting. The class is full, but i would love to plan another one in the near future.   Yesterday in the blog i briefly described French Resist method – drawing a coloring book image on white silk with resist (also known as gutta). When it dries painting can begin.  We will be using sumi brushes, and painting on wet silk.  applying color is easy, and as the brush touches the silk the color runs to the boundaries formed by the drawn resist.  When it all is dry the silk has to be rolled and steamed, washed and pressed.

I am taking a list for another class.  Here are the details:

Silk painting class: subject is French resist method- silk is stretched on a frame, with guys a drawing is placed on the silk, and dye is applied with brushes.  The silk is allowed to dry and is steamed, colors and resist are set.

Date: Saturday, March 5

Time: 9a-1p

Location: my studio at ArtCraft building, 2570 Superior Ave, Cleveland.

Cost $70.00/ all supplies included.

If you are interested fill out this form and I will contact you: