Your thoughts impact your business (and your life)

From the amazing work of Mary Engelbreit,

Can I be honest and tell you that I have given a lot of thought and study to this idea.  I have been watching people sell themselves, and their creations for all of my life.  I have watched coworkers on the job present themselves, and i myself have found myself having the make a sales pitch, a slide talk, or teach a class.  Communication has so many layers – its not just what you say with your lips, but your tone, your actions, your intuition, or even what just happened that affect the message you are conveying.

Monday while i was riding the bus in to work i was catching up on reading… and an article in Inc magazine summed up so much of what i have believed about thoughts impacting life.  It is funny timing for that article because the day before Steve and I had a long discussion about how we truely are committed to our soap products, and we believe in what we sell… and try to convey this with everything from the labeling to how we market, and what we say to customers.  Genuine believe can not be duplicated.

In the article titled “11 Mental Habits That Will Improve Your Business Savvy” Neil Patel provides some clear points and there at the top of the list is “1. Have positive beliefs”.  The power of positive seems to make all the difference in building interest, enthusiasm and understanding.  Honestly i must say that it is so much more windsome to be around someone who is excited about life, their product, their job, their car, their new litter box… whatever.  That enthusiasm is contageous and it is the spark we need.  His second and third points are a bit more challenging, although I have certainly lived through them and would agree:  2. Have Unshakeable Confidence and 3. Use fear as fuel.

Certainly i could just continue to feed the article to you, but i think you are more of a reader than that.  I have included the link to the article above.  Simply click the title of the article to visit and read it for your self.

So what is my intention of this blog post? It is to share that I am learning how confidence, determination, willingness to make mistakes but learn from them and move on are qualities that are critical to growing a business, growing a successful life, and making a difference in the world.  I think we all tend to want to hear the words of someone who is enthusiastic, and vulnerable.  I think we would even listen to the story of such a wonderful purchase of a new litter box if the conversation is upbeat.  I am learning that our world is filled to the brim with gloom and doom, of naysayers, and people who are critical of everything.  We all want to believe in people and products.  But we like those stories of courage, of daring determination to rise, of the underdog, or the least likely one who finds their voice.  What we think of ourselves, and of our work impacts everything.

I hope you have a few moments to read the article in Inc.  I would love your feedback on it too.