Hello Hessler, Here we come

Steve and I participate in a number of festivals throughout Northeastern Ohio, and there are a few that we just look forward to because they are so fun.  Not only great art, music and food, but a destination for people watching.  Hessler Street Fair is one of those events we love to be a part of.  This year we took a deep breath as the festival committee announced sweeping changes for the vendor list, and we waited eagerly to see if we were going to be asked back.  And then the email came… we were accepted.  For that one moment in time we wondered what we would do if the answer was different.  Life is so exciting at Hessler.  From the old hippies of the 60s to buttoned down well dressed CWRU graduates and their parents, to visitors, and the music this tiny set of streets in Cleveland swells with life.  And the arts come to life in every form you could imagine… from planned artists in tents, and musicians scheduled for the stage (which by the way i included in the photo montage above) to the imprompteau street performing musicians, and dancers to the drum circle.  We love watching everything unfold.  And we usually bring chairs for behind our booth… so if you stop out and you just want to join us watching the event stop on back and have a seat with us.

Hessler Street Fair is Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22 from 11am to dusk…. which means it ends around 10pm.  There is plenty of food to choose from, and a variety of artists to visit.  One caution is that parking is at a premium.  Consider parking at University Hospital and walking the couple blocks over.  Hessler street and Hessler Court are located 1 block north of Euclid Avenue off of Ford Road, or from Bellflower Road.

hessler map