Shaving – its all about the brush and soap


Wet Shave is so trendy.  Wet shave is simply lathering up a soap with a brush, and gently applying it and shaving.  Purists are using straight razors, but enthusiasts are utilizing the soap and brush with popular multi blade razors.  Wet is the key, and the equipment makes all the difference.

We make a variety of shaving soap which utilizes bentonite clay in a cold processed formula.  Each of our shave soap bars is a 3 inch diameter by 7/8″ thick “Hockey Puck”.  The special ingredient, bentonite clay, is what makes the shave soap remarkable.  Bentonite clay is mined from the earth, and is cleaned, and pasteurized for purity.  We buy pounds of it in a powdered form for inclusion in our formula.  As an ingredient Bentonite clay is a hero because it does so many things:

  • The clay creates a slippery surface on the skin for the razor to glide over easily
  • The clay itself is a natural detox, pulling impurities from your pores.
  • When the clay becomes wet a low grade electrical charge is formed. You can;t feel it but your hair can – and it stands on end for a closer, cleaner shave.
  • Its odorless, with a gray color.

Our shave soap formula lathers very well, and creates thick and rich lather for the face while gently scented with essential oils:

  • Lavender Lemon – clean lavender with a subtle hint of lemony citrus
  • Bay Rum – classic old scent with the smell of bay (herby) and rum
  • Barbar Shop – vintage barbershop scenting heavy on herbs.  Very nostalgic
  • Lime Ginger Peppercorn – Citrus and the spice of peppercorn cooled by the exotic scent of ginger.
  • Sandalwood- Classic clean scent that is gender neutral.

Our soap is neatly french wrapped, and boxed in our hand made gray boxes.  We include a little booklet with tips on maximizing the soap, and the shave experience.

We also furnish shave brushes.  And we are delighted with our new supplier of brushes.  Many of our brushes come from England or Spain, and they are well made, and of wonderful quality.  Here is a list of the brushes we currently offer:

  • Boar Bristle Brush  – this is considered the starter brush.  Boar bristle comes from boars or pigs, has been sanitized and bundled into brush heads.  We offer two choices:    A travel brush that encloses the brush in a travel tube ($9.00)  and a professional  barber long bristle boar brush ($15.00)
  • Peleon Horse Hair Brush – Peleon is a specific region of Spain where equestrian is the way of life.  These brushes are created using the hair removed when brushing and grooming the horses.  the bristle has a redish brown hue, is softer than boar, and the action of lathering is more luxurious.  These brushes come to us from a company called Vie Long,  and have a reputation for being well made, long lasting.
  • Pure Badger – Badger is considered the next step up in quality, and often badger are the brushes people remember their ancestors using.  They are a lifetime purchase, and will provide very soft and delightful lathering action.  Its important to note that there are brades of badger and the term “pure badger” is the middle of the pack.  Silver badger is the ultimate in badger brushes.  In pure badger we offer two different models, with subtle differences beyond the color of the handle.  Pure badger brushes range from $25-30 each)
  • Silver Badger – We bought brush plugs, and asked a friend of ours who turns wood to make the handles.  Silver badger is the ultimate in luxury, coupled with the handcrafted elegance of turned wood handles.  Our silver badger brushes are $75.00

And we offer hand thrown ceramic bowls that are made for us by a local potter, Allan Kradlak.  They are masculine, well crafted of high fire ceramic.  He uses a dark gray black clay, and finishes them wonderfully.  No two are ever alike.

We have added stands for the brushes to properly dry (Brush head facing down is the optimal way to preserve the life of your brush)., and our stands are simple chrome stands are $9.50

If you have not tried wet shaving this might be a great time to try…