Weapons of Mass Creation – more thoughts


Two weeks ago Steve and I attended and vended at a conference held at the State and Ohio Theaters in Playhouse Square.  The event titled “Weapoins of Mass Creation” was meant to be a “ted talk type” conference with the movers and shakers of the graphic design industry.  It was so exciting.  And we both felt like we were welcomed into a world we have not had lots of exposure to.  Sponsored by Go Media, the speakers were dynamic, exciting and offered lots of food for thought on how to survive as an artist, or graphic designer.

Friday began super early because we were invited to be on TV for the local morning show (Kickin it with Kenny).  So somewhere around 5am we rolled out of the driveway, and drove down to Playhouse square.  Within 30 minutes we were set up and ready to look perky on tv.

Click the picture for the video of the day:


Friday everning was intense.  They held something called Ink Wars – 9 large canvas boards the size of doors were positioned about the lobby of the state theater.  The 9 artists were given a topic, and a time limit to draw their subject.  It was intense… the crowds swelled, a drone flew about, and we just were amazed at the talent before us.  The winner, a younger blond lady dressed in a japanese komono , clearly relished her win.  The winnder received what looked like a wrestller’s belt trophy.

Saturday and sunday were filled with information, making new contacts, and graphic design advice on our packaging.  We loved the weekend, and highly recommend this for any enterpreneur whether or not you are in the artistic or graphic design realm.