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Have you ever wanted to paint on silk?  In this class we will learn the classic “french resist” method also known as Serti.  Please come with a plan or idea of a simple outlined design that will be drawn on the silk with pencil, then with gutta, a substance that is water soluable, but will act as a barrier for the paint.    We will work on one silk scarf, which is stretched on a frame.  Here are some of the concepts we will work through:

  • Silk, and natural fiber handling and preparation for painting
  • How to use gutta, what types of gutta exist, and what do they do
  • Basic color theory – The paint is available in readily mixed colors (30) and can be blended to any hue or shade of the rainbow
  • Considerations for the design you will draw (How will you wear the scarf, and what will be showing most)
  • After it is done – how is it processed to be color fast?

You may draw your own design for the class (11″ x 60″) or use one of the patterns i can provide.  It would be helpful if you indicated what you would want on your scarf – I have a good selection of flowers, butterflies, and simple stained glass patterns, but would welcome the opportunity to draw something specific for you as well.

Refreshments will be available (Coffee/Tea/Bottled Water).

If the class is a morning class I will provide lunch.

Class is limited to 6 attendees*** (due to my space limits in the studio.  I can also travel to you if you have a group of 3 or more people for the class.  *** I have access to a larger space and if the size is larger we can work on a discounted rate for groups over 6 people.

Cost:  $70.00

We are delighted to offer classes this fall on french resist silk painting.  My classes are 4 hours in length, held at our studio at 2570 Superior Ave, Cleveland Ohio (the Art Craft Building).  The class will consist of drawing a design with resist on an 11″x 60″ piece of silk, stretching the silk on a frame, and painting the silk.   Here are dates I am holding for planning classes  (If you have a specific date not listed please email me and we can discuss the possibility.  Send me an email

Wednesday, October 19th 6p-10p

Saturday, October 30th  10am – 2pm

Saturday, November 5th  10am-2pm

Sunday, November 6th 2pm-6pm

Saturday, November 12th, 10am-2pm

Sunday, November 13th 2pm-6pm

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