Month: August 2016

Weapons of Mass Creation – more thoughts

  Two weeks ago Steve and I attended and vended at a conference held at the State and Ohio Theaters in Playhouse Square.  The event titled “Weapoins of Mass Creation” was meant to be a “ted talk type” conference with the movers and shakers of 

Shaving – its all about the brush and soap

Wet Shave is so trendy.  Wet shave is simply lathering up a soap with a brush, and gently applying it and shaving.  Purists are using straight razors, but enthusiasts are utilizing the soap and brush with popular multi blade razors.  Wet is the key, and 

The fine art of shaving

  There was once a time when every man shaved using some form of a shave soap, and a brush to lather up that soap.  It was a ritual experience, with the patience and luxury of time to precisely execute the action of developing a 

the pace of our life

  Last wee k Steve and I had a wonderful opportunity to spend 5 days away! Actually it was an art festival, but it was at a vacation community along the Marblehead Penninsula near Sandusky Ohio.  The community known as Lakeside Chautauqua brings with it