Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Have you given much thought to the concept of Emotional Intelligence – those qualities we each posses that allows us to recognize and understand the emotions of ourselves, and of others.   It has been quite a hot topic in the business literature for the past few years and something sought after.

The question is how emotionally intelligent are you?  And how can you tell that you are EI?  Here are a few suggestions that you can use to gauge your ability to read the emotions of yourself and of others:

  1. Can you express emotional situations clearly? OK, from the time we learned to talk we know words like happy and sad, and that is good basic description, but can you use language to communicate the palpable emotion you felt at a given moment?  (ie: the intense joy when you saw your newborn baby for the first time; or the deepest of sorrows when you buried a loved one.)  Using language to express more precisely the emotions encounter is a developed skill.
  2. Can you spot strengths and weaknesses easily (starts with you, but also of others)? People who have strong EI are able to quickly determine the strengths and weaknesses of others.  Another component of this is knowing our own weakness and strength, and not shying away from that knowledge.
  3. Have people told you that you are a good judge of character? As you met an developed relationships with others did you have a “feeling” about them?  And how did that feeling play out? Those judgements are not limited to the first impression because that can be deceptive.
  4. Do people come to you for advice or guidance? If they do come to you it is likely they trust you, and value your emotional perspective.
  5. Are you able to let it go? There will always be times when life gets frustrating, makes us angry, or just plain irritated.  But are you able to leave it there, to forgive and forget?  Or are you a grude holder? People with EI are able to control responses to life, let the frustration go.
  6. Are you intuitive about others? Do you generally read the situation and know how others are doing without asking?  Only EI peple will notice subtle differences in consistency.
  7. Are you able to accept other work styles, perspectives, or beliefs? Don’t we all come from as varied a background as the number of people on earth…. Differing experiences growing up, developing our believes and opinions.  The ability to accept that there are many ways to one solution, allowing the lateral of differing opinion, accepting these are what strengthens a team are a key to EI people.

How did you do?  Some of us will naturally be more in touch with our own emotions and those of family, coworkers, friends.  It is a skill that is honed as you work at paying more attention to yourself, and what is happening when you experience certain emotions.    Emotional Intellegence is one of the many skills that is helpful to developing relationships.

Want to pursue this a bit more?  there are a number of free tests online to help you determine how sensitive you are to Emotional Intellegence.  Here is one ->  CLICK HERE TO TAKE ONLINE TEST