Month: April 2017

In the Art Noveau Style

Art Noveau – french for New Art, a style made famous between 1880 – 1920 roughly, featuring brighter colors, intense stylized nature, and brilliant patterns rich with curvaceous lines.  Its the passion of my heart… and the love of my life to replicate some of 

Art Noveau – an elegant age followed by turbulance

I think if it were possible to indulge myself in traveling back in time to a period I would love to get back to the 1890-1920 era when there were great bursts of creativity and brilliant artists like Monet and Matisse. Art was quickly evolving, with 

What on earth is jewelweed?

Jewelweed – ever heard of it?  Do you make jewelweed soap?  Hey do you have that soap that is good for poison ivy? Yes, for the past few years we have been hearing this over and over.  And we have had to say “uh, no, 

Pink, exotic, and super fragrant

Now i realize the title sounds like something other than soap (did anyone else think “stripper”?) but I wanted to take a moment to share our best selling soap, Pink Himalayan Salt Soap.   Its Pink, It’s Salty, it smells irresistible, and cleans incredibly. The