Month: June 2017

Here comes July – What are we up to?

July 1 – Kent Flea  – Its a lovely blend of vintage, antiques, handcrafted items, art and food.  And we are so delighted to be setting up our tent on the grounds of the old victorian mansion located at 409 West Main Street from 9am 

Herbal Joy – Rosemary

Rosemary, a classic herb for cooking and of old formal herb gardens makes its appearance in our soap products. We grow several rosemary plants in our herb garden, for cooking and for use in our soaps because we love the woody fragrance and the appearance 

Having Poison Ivy Issues?

Poison ivy has a natural remedy – it grows right with Poison Ivy and it is called Jewelweed: Hey, what do you have for poison ivy relief?  Isnt there some kind of flower that helps with relief from poison ivy exposure? Yes, for the past 

Are you adaptable to the changes of the world?

  I toyed with a dozen titles for this post… and settled on the question “Are you adaptable to the changes of the world?” because it is a question i find myself asking frequently.  It seems that the world is changing so rapidly again, and